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Spend Notifications

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In order to help manage your  usage we have a notification system that will email you when your call usage reaches 50%, 85% or 100% of the nominated monthly call spend value selected.

Call usage data is imported as soon as possible but it does depend on the type of service you have, below is a list of the frequnecy our system updates for each service

  • VoIP – Every Hour
  • Hosted PBX/Cloud PBX – Every Hour
  • SIP Trunk – Every Hour
  • 1300/1800 Numbers – Every Hour
  • Fixed Line – Every 24 Hours

To enable your call spend limit notifications please do the following:

  • Browse to https://www.url.net.au, select “Client Login” then “Billing Portal”
  • Once logged in click “My Details”
  • Scroll down and set the “Call Spend Notification $” to the desired value
  • Click “Save Changes” to apply

If you have an internet service with us such as NBN or ADSL data is imported at least every 24 hours and an email notification will be provided to the account owners address when you reach the following thresholds:

  • 50% of monthly allowance
  • 85% of monthly allowance
  • 100% of monthly allowance

Once you reach your monthly data allowance your service will be slowed down (shaped) and if you wish you can purchase additional data blocks by contact customer support.