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Provisioning a Grandstream ATA 8XX via the PBX Service

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Provisioning a Grandstream ATA 8XX via the PBX Service 

N.B. Sometimes the provisioning does not work, if this is the case upgrade the firmware prior to finishing off the provisioning after you have factory reset the device.

(To Reset the unit as a rest hole on the back where cables are located.  Press for 7 seconds to reset factory default settings.)

Latest Firmware from Grandstream: http://www.grandstream.com/support/firmware

You will need to locate the LAN IP address of the Grandsteam device,

(Command Prompt or Terminal using the command  'arp -a'  - Match the MAC from the back of device to what is showing in your list)

Configuration Finishes via the Grandstream ATA:

Under Advanced Settings:

Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning: Upgrade Via   Toggle to HTTPS

Config Server Path: dashboard.url.net.au/provision

Username: Username from the Provisioning Details via the Dashboard

Password: Password  from the Provisioning Details via the Dashboard

See Image Below:

Updating Firmware:

Grab the latest firmware from Grandstream here: http://www.grandstream.com/support/firmware

Unzip the file and load using the Button

Upload Firmware: (Upload from Local Directory)

Select the *.bin file and add the finishing details above.

Click Apply. 

The device will reboot and will take some time, (250 Secs) ~4-5 Mins for the device to update the firmware, then another reboot for about ~30-60 seconds for the config after downloading the config file from the server.

If you need assistance feel free to reach out to support via the support email or contact support on our 1300 33 11 78.