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Yealink – Importing CSV for Directory Entries

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Your Yealink phone has the ability to import a CSV file so you can use the directory feature.  This can be useful if you have a lot of contacts in in a CRM and wish to share them with your phone.

NB: If using Excel make sure you format the number columns to be text otherwise the leading 0 will be stripped.

Attached to this article is an example directory CSV which you can use as a template or you can create your own, this guide assumes you are using the example attached.

  1. Push OK on the phone to get the phone IP address
  2. In your internet browse enter the IP address in the address bar e.g. if you push ok and IPv4 says enter in the browser
  3. Login with admin for the username and password
  4. Click Directory
  5. Click the Choose File button just above Import CSV and make sure the Show Title checkbox is selected and click Import CSV
  6. On the next screen set the following options:
    • Delete Old Contacts = On
    • Name = Display Name
    • Office Extension = Office Number
    • Mobile Number = Mobile Number
    • Other Number = Other Number

    • Group = Group Name (e.g. Corporate, Customers)