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Configure Number Toggles

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Number Toggles allow you to toggle external numbers between two dialplans, this is commonly used for a Night Switch or a temporary divert for meetings.  Currently, Number Toggles are only supported on Yealink Desktop Phones that are provisioned via our auto-provisioning service.

Create a Number Toggle

  1. The first step is to create the number toggle, to do this manage your PBX service via https://dashboard.url.net.au
  2. Select Numbers
  3. Click Number Toggles
  4. Click Add
  5. Enter a Group Name e.g. After Hours
  6. Select the Numbers the Toggle should be linked to
  7. Toggle 1 - Set this to be the primary dialplan
  8. Toggle 2 - Set this to be the secondary dialplan
  9. Click Save

Link the Number Toggle to an Extension

  1. To link the Toggle to a phone, click Devices
  2. Edit the device you wish to link the toggle to
  3. Click Line Keys
  4. Select the Type to be Number Toggle
  5. Enter a key identifier in the Label box e.g. After Hours
  6. Under Value select the Number Toggle
  7. Click Save
  8. Reboot the device to get the new settings

 Once rebooted you should see a new key as per the label in Step 5 above.  If you push that it will toggle between Toggle 1 and Toggle 2.