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Add Port Forward on Mikrotik 951

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.Using this guide you will be able to add a port forwarding rule to your Mikrotik 951 router.

1. Open your browser, and navigate to (Where is the IP of your router, usually referred to as the default gateway).

2. When prompted for a username and password, enter "admin" followed by the password you were given or have set yourself. Then click Login.

3. In the right-hand corner, select the "Webfig" button.

4. Using the left-hand menu, navigate to "IP > Firewall"

5. In the top middle of the page, a number of tabs should appear, select the "NAT" tab.

6. Click the "Add New" button.

7. In the window that appears, ensure your settings resemble those in the picture, changing where relevant (EG: Port Number, Protocol)


Chain: dstnat
Protocol: TCP/UDP (Or any other, depending on your requirement)
Dst. Port: The port you wish to forward (EG: 80)
In. Interface List: WAN-Interfaces

Scroll down the page until you get to the items below, ensuring they are set similar to the picture. Changing where appropriate to your environment.

Action: dst-nat
To Addresses: The IP address of the internal machine you wish to forward the port to (EG:
To Ports: The port on the machine you wish to forward to, this is usually set the same as the Dst. Port in the previous step (EG: 80)

8. Now click the "Apply" button then the "OK" button.

9. The Port Forward rule has now been added, and will be listed in the NAT Table similar to the picture below.

10. Repeat this guide for any additional port forwards.

TIP: To delete a port-forward, select the minus "-" button next to the particular rule. To disable, simply click the "D" button next to the rule. See below for an example.