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Mikrotik VPN Client - Mac OS X IPSEC

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 This guide is intended for routers where our technical support department has already activated the VPN server.  If you require this to be enabled please contact us via http://url.net.au/contact-us/ Before using this guide you will need the following:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Pre-shared key
  • External IP Address
  • Open System Preferences and select Network
  • Click the + sign to add a new network
  • Set the following Options:
    • Interface - VPN
    • VPN Type - L2TP over IPSec
    • Service Name - A name to identify the network e.g. your company name
  • Click Create
    • Enter the following:
    • Server Address - Your external IP Address
    • Account Name - Your username
    • Click Authentication Settings
    • Set the Following:
    • Password - Your user password
    • Shared Secret - Your pre-shared key supplied by us
    • Click OK
    • Click Apply
    • Now you can click Connect to connect to the VPN
If connecting to internal computers on different networks, you will need to enable the option to send all traffic over the VPN, please note this will route ALL traffic over the VPN so it is recommended to close off all application before starting the VPN.  Follow these steps if you are unable to access some devices on your network:
  • Open the VPN Settings again
  • Click Advanced
  • Check the box "Send all traffic over VPN connection"
  • Click OK