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If you wish to use a VoIP service from your iPhone then you need to install a softphone client.  This guide will describe the process for Andoid Phones.

Purchase Bria

  • Open the “Play Store”
  • Search for “Bria” and Accept and Buy the app.

Configuring Bria

  • Once installed open Bria
  • Next click the “Add Account” link
  • On the next screen select “SIP”
  • Enter the following details:
    • Account Name – Your Providers name or HostedPBX
    • Display Name – Your Name e.g. John Citizen
    • User Name – Your user id or extension number if using HostedPBX
    • Password – The password for your VoIP account or HostedPBX extension
    • Domain – Your SIP Domain, this will be available via the portal or on your account notification
  • Once all the details are entered you should be now registered and your accounts list should look like this: