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  1. Open the Bria application
  2. If this is a new install you will need to install the license key, this is obtained from Counter Path when you purchased Bria.  Skip step 3 if this is a new install.
  3. Select Bria 3 from the Menu bar and then Preferences on a Mac OR File then Preferences for Windows
  4. Click Accounts
  5. Click the + sign and select New SIP Account
  6. On the General tab enter the following:
    1. User ID – This is your extension number e.g. 1001
    2. Domain – This is use SIP Domain or SIP Server as per your account notification form
    3. Password – This is the password for your extension
    4. Display Name – Enter your name as it will display when you call internally
  7. Select Advanced and set the following:
    1. Reregister every – 180
    2. Use rport – checked
  8. Click OK to save
  9. Select Codecs
  10. From the Selected Codecs remove all the codecs
  11. Now add the following codecs back:
    1. G729
    2. G711 aLaw
    3. G711 uLaw
  12. Close the Preferences window and you should be able to now make and receive calls.