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If you wish to use a VoIP service from your iPhone then you need to install a softphone client.  This guide will describe the process for Bria on the iPhone.

Purchase Bria

To install Bria on your iPhone you will need to pruchase it from the App store.
  • Select Buy and it should start downloading and then will install on you iPhone

Configuring Bria

  • Open Bria by Selecting the icon on you iPhone screen. The icon looks like:
  • When Bria opens up for the first time it will take you to the Select VoIP Provider page, on this page select SIP – Making Calls
  • On the next page complete the settings like this:
    1. Account Name: The name you want to appear when making internal extension to extension calls e.g. John Smith or Account.
    2. Username: The user_id for your extension e.g. 1001
    3. Password: The password for your extension.
    4. Domain: The SIP Server for your service
    5. Enabled: ON

Purchase G729

You do not have to do this step however it is recommended. If you choose to not purchase the codec you may find your have call quality issues when making or receiving calls.
  1. Inside the Bria application click Settings down the bottom of the screen
  2. Select Premium Features
  3. Select G729 Audio Codec
  4. Click the Green button to purchase and install the codec