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Configuring Voice Operator Panel

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Voice Operator Panel is a softphone application specifically designed for receptionist situation or where there is a large number of call transfers.  URL Networks are resellers for Voice Operator Panel so be sure to contact us for pricing.  The application can work as a complete softphone solution or in conjunction with your existing VoIP phone.

  • The first step is to install the Voice Operator Panel application, you can obtain the current version from http://www.voiceoperatorpanel.com
  • Once installed you will be asked a series of questions to configure the application.  Please follow the details below.

Once installed, open the Voice Operator Panel and you will be greeted by a wizard.  Click Next to advance to the next screen.

Enter the name to identify this user and VoIP extension you plan to use.  If you plan to use in conjunction with your existing desktop phone this will need to be another extension number as it must be unique.

Enter the SIP Server for your account, this is available via your account

Enter the Password below for the SIP account you are using

Option 1 - Use as a VoIP Softphone 

Option 2 - Use with an Existing Extension

Enter the extension number of your existing desktop phone.

This is optional, you can configure the client to use with your SMTP gateway if you want to send emails via the application.  If integrating with Office 365 you can skip this step.

You can adjust the mixer settings here, but usually, the default is fine.  This might need to tuned later.

The application should now be configured and working.

Additional Notes:

If you have configured Voice Operator Panel for use with an existing extension you will now need to modify your call routing so that your desktop phone is no longer called directly and the extension you used for Voice Operator Panel is being called.  This way when you receive a call it will automatically conference your desktop phone in so you are still able to talk to callers via the Desktop phone.