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Groundwire is a VoIP softphone available for both Android and iPhone devices.  You can use Groundwire to make and receive calls via your mobile device with our Hosted PBX service

  1. From either the “App Store” or the “Play Store” search for Groundwire and purchase the app
  2. Once installed open Groundwire
  3. If asked about Incoming Calls select “Use Push Notifications”
  4. Select New SIP Account
  5. Enter the following details:
    1. Title: URL
    2. Username: Your Hosted PBX extension number e.g. 1001
    3. Password: Your Hosted PBX extension password
    4. Domain: Your Hosted PBX domain
    5. Display Name: Your Name e.g. John Smith
  6. Push OK to save and your phone should now be registered
The following steps are optional but we do recommend you follow these steps if you are planning to use Groundwire over 3G/4G as it will use the G729 codec which is optimised for WAN based VoIP calls:
  1. Open Groundwire and select Settings
  2. Select Add-ons
  3. Select G.729 Annex A Codec
  4. Select Buy on Google Play/App Store