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To use Zoiper 3 you will need to download it from http://www.zoiper.com and install the application on your computer.

  1. Open Zoiper 3 if it’s not already open
  2. Click Settings and select Create a new account
  3. Select SIP and click Next
  4. On the credentials page enter the following details, these details will be in your Account Notification:
    1. user / user@host: Your extension number at your SIP Server e.g. 1001@0000.sip.url.net.au
    2. Password: Your extension password
  5. Click Next
  6. Leave the Account Name as is and click Next
  7. Click Close
  8. Click Settings and select Preferences
  9. Make sure the account you just created is selected in the list
  10. Click Advanced and set the following:
    1. Registration expiry: 180
    2. Subscribe for MWI: disabled (Please note on PC this is found under the Extras tab)
    3. Subscribe presence: unchecked
    4. Publish presence: unchecked
    5. Use rport: checked
    6. Use rport media: checked
  11. Click Ok to save the settings
You should now be able to make and receive calls, you can dial *90 to perform a echo test which will allow you to test the quality of your service.