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How to install URL Net Phone for Windows

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This guide covers the download and installation of the URL Net Phone client for Windows.

1. On our website, navigate to the
Support Tab, then click Downloads.


2. In the Windows row, click the EXE or MSI link to download the client, depending on your enviroment.

3. Depending on your browser, the download will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of your browser (For Chrome) or in the Downloads Icon in the top-right menu bar.

4. Once the download is complete, click it to run the program. You may receive a security warning, click Run to continue.

5. Follow the relevant prompts to install the program, accepting the license agreement and choosing the appropriate install location.

6. When finished, an icon on your Desktop or Start Menu called "URL Net Phone" will be created. Double-click to run.

7. You may be presented with a "Windows Security Alert" prompt similar to the following, be sure to tick both checkboxes and click "Allow Access". This will allow the program to communicate through your PC's firewall.

8. The program will load, and you will be presented with a screen similar to the following.

9. Using the above as an example, login with your URL Net Phone credentials provided to you via Support or created through the URL Dashboard.

10. If successful, you should be presented with a screen similar to that below. You are now setup to use the URL Net Phone client.

Should you face any issues, please contact us.