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How to install URL Net Phone for Mac

You are here: Help URL Net Phone How to install URL Net Phone for Mac

1. Navigate to our Download Area, and download the MacOS version of the installer (It should be in DMG format)

2. Launch the installer by opening it in the Download Folder, or the relevant area in your browser (See an example below).

3. You will be prompted to accept the End User License Agreement. Accept it to continue.

4. A Window will appear on your screen, drag the URL Net Phone icon to the Applications Icon to finish installing the program.

5. Navigate to your Applications folder on Macintosh HD and open the URL Net Phone client.

6. You will be prompted to open the app.

7. You will now be presented with the login dialog. Enter the details provided to you by support, or those you created in the Dashboard under Devices > URL Net Phone.

8. Once logged in, the main window will be presented, you can now proceed to use the application.

If you face any issues, please contact us on 03 9008 5900 or email support@url.net.au