Residential nbn™ Services

URL Hosted PBX

When you choose URL as your nbn™ provider you will receive unprecedented support with your nbn™ service, we understand the importance of a reliable service as well as someone you can speak to when you need answers. All our support is Australian based.

In most cases nbn™ services will be deployed using the fibre to the node or fibre to the basement method and it impacts more than just your Internet service. If you have not already done so we recommended reading our blog article nbn™ FttN and FttB Considerations before ordering a service.

nbn™ is Australia’s new broadband network delivering higher speeds than already adopted technologies such as ADSL.

Anytime Data

Use your data anytime of the day, no off peak or peak caps

Static IP Address

Free static IP Address included with every service

Local Australian Support

Get prompt answers from our friendly Australian representatives

On line Dashboard

Track your usage via our on line dashboard

If you need assistance with understanding nbn™ services please call 1300 33 11 78 to speak to one of our team members.

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Step 1 - Speed Select

Starter 12/1

The 12/1 speed provides 12 megabits download and 1 megabits upload speed. This option is best suited as an ADSL replacement

Fast 25/5

The 25/5 speed provides 25 megabits download and 5 megabits upload speed. This option is best suited when you need a little more that current ADSL speeds

Turbo 100/40

The 100/40 speed provides 100 megabits download and 40 megabits upload speed. This option is best suited when you want to experience nbn™ at it’s full potential

* The above speeds are provided as a guide, actual connection speeds and cannot be guaranteed

Step 2 - Select Monthly Traffic Allowance

10 GB

Ideal for low usage, brief email checking and the occasional website

Add 200GB

Perfect for the family that needs only the basics on the Internet like browsing, email, facebook etc…

Add 500GB

Best suited when you use your Internet service a little more intensive for streaming services like Netflix, Youtube, Stan etc…

Included Traffic

This option will give you full included data and ensure your service is not shaped Fair Use Policy Applies

Step 3 - Select Contract Length

24 Months

No setup fee

12 Months

$55 setup fee

No Contract

$160 setup fee

Step 4 - Phone Service

No Phone Service

Internet only service required

Local + National

1 x Local Phone Number
1 x Line

Call Costs:

Local – included
National – included
Mobiles – 18c per min
13/1300 – 30c per call
Click to view International

Pay as You Go

1 x Local Phone Number
1 x Line

Call Costs:

Local – 15c per call
National – 15c per call
Mobiles – 30c per min
13/1300 – 30c per call
Click to view International

Step 5 - Hardware

TP Link VG5612 Modem/Router - $79

The TP-Link VG5612 router is ideally suited for residential or small businesses.

2 x Voice Ports
Basic QoS
4 x 10/100 Ethernet
Built-in WiFi

Mikrotik 951 Bundle - $159

The Mikrotik bundle is ideal for businesses as it provides advanced functionality as well as greater QoS control for clear VoIP quality.

TP-Link VG5612 Modem
2 x Voice Ports
Advanced QoS
4 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Built-in WiFi

No Modem/Router

Select this option if you already have a modem/router suitable for your connection type
Plan Summary
  • Speed:
    Starter 12/1
  • Monthly Traffic:
    10 GB
  • Contract Length:
    24 Months
  • Phone Service:
    No phone service
  • Hardware:
    TP-Link VG5612 - $79

Total Monthly: $44

Total Upfront: $59

Things you should know:

Subject to NBN Availability
Monthly Traffic is counted as 1000MB = 1GB
Monthly Data includes both Downloads and Uploads
Prices are subject to change without notice; pricing effective as of 11/2/2015. All prices include GST.
If unsure of the best plan to use please see our Estimating Usage Guide
All plans are billed on the 1st of every calendar month, first month will be a pro rata amount from the current date until the end of the month.
Early Termination Fees apply if signed up to a 12 ($120) or $11 x number of remaining months for a 24 month contract.
Actual connection speeds will vary, all speeds quoted are configured port speeds
Fair Use Policy Applies
Critical Information Summary