SIP Trunk

URL Hosted PBX

A URL Networks SIP Truck service bridges the gap between an existing traditional PBX system and a move towards a modern virtual PBX service.

Our SIP Trunk service has been designed to allow you to connect your IP-enabled phone system to our Cloud PBX service. You can use then use the SIP Trunk service to receive and make calls at the significantly cheaper VoIP rates.

With a SIP Trunk service, incoming calls to our system will pass on the number that was called, allowing you to still fully customise your call routing based on the number dialled. You can port your existing telephone number/number range in to this service (additional costs apply) or alternatively you can use a number/s from one of our number pools.

For more information or to arrange a quote, contact our helpful and friendly staff on 1800 URL NET (875 638) and they will be glad to discuss your requirements and tailor the best solution to meet the needs of your business.

Our expert team understands VoIP telephony inside and out and are committed to helping all business enterprises large and small cut costs whilst still accessing one of the very best virtual phone systems around.

So call today to find our how our SIP Trunk service can be made to work for you!

Caller ID Presentation

Present authorised Caller ID's when making an outbound call

DID Number Presentation

When an incoming call is presented you will see the exact number that the caller dialed allowing you to route the call on your PBX

IP Based Authentication

Ability to send and receive calls using a static IP address without the need of registration, often called IP Peering

Self-Management Portal

Administer the service via our online real-time interface

Monthly Plans

SIP Trunk 4

$30 /mo.

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Minimum Costs
  • No Contract - $ 30.00
SIP Trunk 8

$42 /mo.

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Minimum Costs
  • No Contract - $ 42.00
SIP Trunk 10

$55 /mo.

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Minimum Costs
  • No Contract - $ 55.00
SIP Trunk 15

$75 /mo.

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Minimum Costs
  • No Contract - $ 75.00
SIP Trunk 20

$95 /mo.

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Minimum Costs
  • No Contract - $ 95.00

Above plans don't quite fit? Call us on 1800 URL NET to discuss

  • Prices are subject to change without notice; pricing effective as of 1/1/2016. All prices include GST.
  • All plans have no contract and are sold on a month by month basis
  • All plans are billed on the 1st of every calendar month, first month will be a pro rata amount from the current date until the end of the month.

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