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Pagerduty Integration

Pagerduty Integration

If you already have a PagerDuty account you can configure some of our services to integrate with a escalation policy to be able to create and on-call phone number that will route support call to the appropriate on-call person. The following services are supported:

PagerDuty API Key

First step is to login to your PagerDuty account to get an API key, if you have already created one please move to the next section

  1. Now select Configuration then API Access
  2. In the Description box enter a name to identify the key, e.g. URL Networks and click Create Key
  3. Next copy the API Key you just created in the previous step ensuring there are no whitespaces also selected

URL Networks Dashboard

Now that you have an API Key the next step is to configure your service to connect to PagerDuty.
  1. Browse to and login
  2. Select Services and then select the wrench icon to manage the service
  3. Next select Integration from the menu (If the Integration link does not exist you will need to upgrade your service)
  1. On the PagerDuty item select Setup
  2. Now enter the following details and click Save
    1. Site Address – This is the address you use to access PagerDuty, e.g. if you normally browse to enter company
    2. API Key – This is the key that was created in the previous section
  3. Next select Call Routing and Dialplans
  4. Select the Dialplan you want to apply the PagerDuty action to or create a new Dialplan
  5. Select the Edit icon on the action you want to apply the PagerDuty action to

  1. Next click the plus sign to add the PagerDuty – Call via Escalation Policy (3rd Party)
  2. Complete the following fields and click Save
    1. Call Timeout – Set this to the number of seconds to try calling before exiting the action
    2. Number Type to Call – When adding numbers to PagerDuty you can add multiple type, you can use this to only dial certain types of numbers e.g. select Mobile to only call mobile numbers
    3. Escalation Policy – This is the escalation policy you have on PagerDuty

You should be able to now call the associated number to the Dialplan and it should call the person on-call

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