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Call Barging allows you to monitor another call that is active on your PBX service. In order to be able to use the feature the extension that will connect to monitor the remote extension (agent) will need to have permission to do so. To enable the call barging option please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to https://dashboard.url.net.au
  2. Manage your PBX service from the list
  3. Select Extensions
  4. Select the Edit pencil on the extension you wish to enable the call barge facility
  5. Click Advanced
  6. Select Set Allow Call Barge to Yes
  7. Click Save
  To use the Call Barge feature all you need to do is dial *62<extension_number> where <extension_number> is the extension you wish to monitor.  For example, to monitor the active call on extension 1003 you would dial *621003 Whilst monitoring the call you can use the following DTMF keys to control the monitoring session:
Key Description
1  Press 1 on the keypad to speak to the customer only
2  Press 2 on the keypad to speak to the agent only
3  Press 3 to speak to all parties of the call
0  Press 0 to return to default where you are monitoring only so that both parties will not hear the supervisor