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Please use the following links to view all relevant legal documentation related to our product and service range:

  1. Master Business Terms and Conditions
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Complaints Handling
  4. Financial Hardship Policy
  5. IPND and Emergency Calling Policy
  6. Security Policy
  7. Local Number Portability Agreement
  8. Support Policy
  9. Fair Use Policy
  10. Corporate Internet – SLA
  11. nbn Key Facts Sheet


  1. Porting Authority Form (PAF)
  2. Appointment of Advocate or Authorised Representative
  3. Account Transfer Form
  4. Credit Assessment Form

TCP Code 2015

All Australian CSP’s and Telco’s are bound by the TCP Code 2015. Below are some links you may find useful in understanding your rights when using Telecommunication services supplied by Australian CSP’s, ISP’s or Telco’s

  1. Protecting Our Customers – Tri-fold brochure from Communications Alliance
  2. Making The Right Call – 26 Page Booklet from Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
  3. C628:2015 TCP Code 2015 –(incorporating Variation No.1 2018) The full TCP Code 2015 document from Communications Alliance
  4. Accessible Telecoms – Helps assist seniors and people with disability to find phones, tablets, accessories and apps that can help them communicate with others.