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250 Mbps Plan

nbn Fixed Wireless

Upgrade to the new faster speed plan on the nbn Fixed Wireless Network.

Find out if 250 Mbps is available at your address

Simply enter your details in the form below and we will be in touch to let you know what speed is available and the next step to get connected!

    The URNET FW HOME FAST plan (up to 250 Mbps download, 20 Mbps upload) is not available in all locations. By submitting this form, our team will perform a service qualification on your address and let you know what speeds are available.

    By completing this form, there is no commitment for you to proceed with an order.

    In order to order the URNET FW HOME FAST plan, your nbn Fixed Wireless tower needs to support the Wireless Home Fast plan and you need to have a W-NTD version 3 or newer installed at your property.

    If you already have an older W-NTD installed, nbn will arrange to upgrade to a version 4 W-NTD. There is a 6-month commitment to be eligible for a free upgrade. Alternatively, the break fee is $220.

    nbn Fixed Wireless Plans

    250 Mbps Plans for the nbn Fixed Wireless Network
    Per Month
    URLNET FW Home Fast
    Download Speed (Up to) 250 Mbps
    Upload Speed (Up to) 20 Mbps
    Shape Speed 128 Kbps
    Typical Evening Speed 120 Mbps
    Monthly Data Allowance Included
    Included Public Static IP Address
    Subject to Availability

    nbn W-NTD Version 3 or higher required
    Minimum term – 1 Month
    Critical Information Summary
    nbn™ Fact Sheet

    Fair Use Policy Applies
    Cost per GB included