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If you would like to port your existing number to URL Networks you can do so by completing the attached Porting Authority Form (PAF) and sending it to our support department, to ensure efficient porting please include a copy of your recent phone bill.

Cost and timeframes vary for number porting, please see the following table as a guide:

Port TypeCostTime Frame
Simple Port$30 per number3-5 business days
Complex Port 1-5 Numbers$120 per block8-12 weeks
Complex Port 6-100 Numbers$220 per block8-12 weeks
1300 and 1800 Numbers$50 per number3-5 business days

All prices are in AUD and include GST.

What is a Simple Port?

Simple ports are typically a single number with no advanced features like Line Hunt, ADSL, Fax Duet.  If your number has any of these services we recommend having your current carrier remove the complex service first.

What is a Complex Port?

Complex Ports are for when the number or numbers have advanced features on the line.  Some of the reasons why a number might be classed as a complex port is;

  • Current service uses ISDN technology
  • The number(s) are part of a range e.g. 100 Number Range
  • The service uses advanced features like Fax Duet, Line Hunt or ADSL

If you are unsure and want to seek clarification before porting it is best to email us a copy of your recent phone bill and we can help identify the porting type that would need to be used.

To port your number over you will need to complete the porting authority form by clicking here.