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Switching from Velocity?

Velocity Transition

The Telstra Velocity network is being transitioned to become part of the Opticomm network and areas are being transitioned one-by-one.

Your existing Velocity service provider should provide notice to let you know when your area is due to be transitioned. You will need to sign up for a plan on the Opticomm network in order to stay connected once the transition has occurred.

URL Networks offers the full range of plan choices on the Opticomm network. We offer plans from 25 Mbps download up to 1000 Mbps download. Please click here to view our Opticomm plans.

To check if Opticomm is currently available at your address or to learn when your address is due to be transitioned you can check your address on the Opticomm website.

Make the Switch

Easy as 1-2-3

Check your address

Check if Opticomm is currently available at your address or to learn when your address is due to be transitioned on the Opticomm website.

Order your connection

We recommend that you place your order for your Opticomm connection at least one week before the scheduled transition date to ensure you have minimal disruption to your service.

  • We will discuss whether your existing equipment (if any) will be suitable for your new connection or if new equipment will be needed.
  • Based on the equipment in your home, a technician appointment may be required in order to access faster speeds. We will advise you during the order stage if this is the case.

Transition Complete - You are online!

Once the transition of your area has been completed you will now be connected via the Opticomm wholesale network.

You simply need to connect your router to the FTTP NTD with your URL Networks username and password and start accessing the Internet.

Already Transitioned?

If you area has already transitioned to the Opticomm network it is as easy as selecting a plan and placing your order to get connected.

URL Networks offers the full range of speeds on the Opticomm network.

Click the button below to view our list of plans and order your connection today.