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Adding an announcement to IVR Menu

Adding an announcement to IVR Menu

Once you have uploaded a voice recording you may now wish to use this within your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu.

Uploading the announcement

  1. Login to the Dashboard if not already by using this link –
  2. Select Services and select the PBX service to manage by clicking the associated wrench icon.
  3. Select Announcement and Upload your audio file

Navigate to Call Routing> IVR

The following IVR Form is for the Main Dialplan. 

In the greeting section we have selected the appropriate voice recording for what we are trying to achieve.
In this instance we are requesting the caller to interact with the telephone system and select if they need to be transferred to either 1 for Sales or 2 for Accounts.   

Pressing digit 1 achieves the result of transferring the call to extension 8004. 

Pressing digit 2 achieves the result of the call redirecting to a skillset of extensions.  

You will be able to choose the announcement from the drop down menu Greeting