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Estimating Data Usage

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The following table is a useful guide in helping you understand what the most appropriate data plan you will require based on your typical data usage

VoIP32 megabytes per hour
Basic Web Browsing (Based on 100 web pages)50 megabytes per hour
Basic Email Usage (No attachments, based on 5 emails per hours)0.20 megabytes per hour
Video Streaming (e.g. Vimeo or You Tube)180 megabytes per hour
Music Streaming (e.g. Pandora or Spotify)60 megabytes per hour
Music Downloads60 megabytes per hour
Movie Downloads3 gigabytes per hour
Online Gaming200 megabytes per hour

Important Information

  • Above data rates should be used as a guide only as your usage may vary
  • Data rates above include both upload and downloads