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Add a New Location

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To add a new physical location to your PBX service please follow the steps below.

Note: Setting an accurate location is very important as this information is supplied to the emergency services to know where emergency calls have originated from.

  1. Login to the Dashboard if not already by using this link - https://dashboard.url.net.au
  2. Select Services and select the PBX service to manage by clicking the associated wrench icon.
  3. Select Locations and click the Add button to add an address. On the next screen you must complete the following sections:
    • Assign Number - All locations must have a unique number assigned, if one is not available in the list please visit this guide and come back to this step after you have added one.
    • Firstname - This is first name of the site contact.
    • Surname - This is the surname of the site contact.
    • Alternative Contract Number - In most cases enter the mobile phone number of the Site Contact.
    • Address Search - Enter the address and select it from the list.
  4. Now confirm the details below ensuring to add any sub parts like Units or Floor numbers, the idea is to refine the form and make it as accurate as possible.
  5. Click Save to add the location.