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Adding an Extension

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To add an extension to your PBX service please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Dashboard if not already by using this link - https://dashboard.url.net.au
  2. Select Services then Extensions form the menu
  3. Click the + and select Phone Extension
  4. On the next screen you need to complete the following as a minimum
    1. Name - This is the name of the extension, in most cases you would put the name of the person who is using the extension
    2. Password - This will be used to authenticate the user to your PBX service
    3. Physical Location - This should be set to the actual location where this extension is going to be mainly accessed from, if the location does not exist please follow this http://help.url.net.au/kb/hosted-pbx/add-a-new-location
    4. Default Dialing Code - This is used to set your area code so the full number does not need to be dialed e.g. if in Victoria or Tasmania select this option and you won't need to dial 03 all the time as this will be added to your string
  5. Click Save to add the extension
Now that the extension is setup you will need to configure your SIP device or Softphone using the following settings: Username - This is the extension number Password - The password you entered above SIP Server - This is show by click Dashboard and under Service Information you will see SIP/Host Domain