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Call Parking

Call Parking

Call Parking is a great feature when you want to put a call on hold in the system and retrieve it from another phone.

Imagine you have just answered a sales call and you need to go to the warehouse to check if you have a particular item in stock and want to speak to the customer from the warehouse. 

You can use the call park feature to place the call on a system hold and then go to the warehouse and check the item. Then from a phone in the warehouse dial the slot number to retrieve the call. To park a call:

  1. Whilst on a call, push the “Transfer” key on your phone
  2. Dial 800 on the keypad
  3. Wait for the system to answer and listen for the slot number, if there are no other slots in use 801 will be the first provided.
To retrieve a call:
  1. Dial the slot number on your keypad, e.g. if the slot number provided from the park option is 801, dial 801. If it was 803 dial 803.
  2. The call will now be returned to you from wherever you are.
If you forget about the call being parked it will automatically transfer the call back to the extension that parked the call in the first place after 15 minutes