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Adding Live Data screen to Dakboard

If you wish to display your Live Data screen on a TV then Dakboard – is a really efficient way to set this up.  In order to follow this guide you must have a account.

Creating a Dakboard Screen

  1. Sign into Dakboard 
  2. From the menu select Screens 
  3. Next click
  4. Enter a name like “URL PBX” and click 
  5. Click  and select 
  6. Drag the block to fit your screen 
  7. Click 
  8. In the URL box enter your Live Data screen which you can obtain via the URL PBX dashboard at by right clicking and selecting copy link address 
  9. Change Refresh Data to 30 minutes (note the Live Data screen refresh every 30 seconds but this ensures the screen will automatically reload if there is a network issue) 
  10. Click 
  11. Click  to go back

Register a Device

You will either need a smart TV that can display Dakboard or you can purchase from URL Networks a pre-loaded Dakboard OS Raspberry PI that you can use with your Dakboard account.  If you would like to purchase a Raspberry PI Dakboard please Contact Us.

  1. If using a Raspberry PI obtain the link code from the screen.  If using a Smart TV then browse to
  2. Select 
  3. Select 
  4. Enter a Name for the Device
  5. In the Assigned Screen select the screen you created previously. e.g. URL PBX
  6. Click 
Your screen should now reboot and display the Live Data screen.  If you would like to display additional screens you can do so using a Loop, please see for more infromation.