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Post Recording on Stop

Post Recording on Stop

The Post Recording on Stop feature allows you to stop a call recording whilst on a call using the in-call control codes, once stopped the file will be posted to the backend server and then if a new recording is started it will start a new file.  This feature can be useful in situations where you want to have different parts of a call in different recording files for auditing purposes.

  1. Login to our Dashboard
  2. Manage your Hosted PBX service, by clicking the wrench icon
  3. Select Global Settings from the left  
  4. Click Disabled on Post Recording on Stop card 
  5. Click Enabled followed by the Green Tick
  6. You will also need to make sure that Extension Record Start Stop is Enabled also from the Global Settings page.

To use the feature, when on a call with call recording enabled to use the following codes to control the recording:

  • *1 – Start a new call recording
  • *2 – Stop the call recording and post to the server
  • *3 – Mask/Pause the call recording (used for sensitive information like collecting credit card details)


TIP: When viewing recordings, we recommend using the Card display to better view the recording files, you can change this on your Call Recording page under (Storage -> Call Recordings) by changing Recording Display to Card