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Zoiper 5 Desktop

Zoiper 5 Desktop

To use Zoiper 5 you will need to download it from and install the application on your computer.

Setup Instructions

  • Open Zoiper 5 if it’s not already open
  • It will ask for your credentials when first opening Zoiper. Enter the following details, these details will be in your Account Notification:
    • Username/Login: Your extension number at your SIP Server e.g.
    • Password: Your extension password
  • Click Next
  • Hostname should be auto-filled from the Username. Click Next.
  • We don’t require authentication or an outbound proxy. Click Skip.
  • Allow Zoiper to test possible configurations. Click Next.
  • Complete the tests to ensure Zoiper is working as expected. Click Finish.
  • Click Settings (gear icon in top right) and select Accounts.
  • Click your account name. (ie.
  • Click Advanced (top right) and set the following:
    • Registration expiry mode: Custom
    • Registration expiry: 180
    • Use rport: checked
    • Use rport media: checked
  • When exiting the settings screen, press ‘Yes’ to save the settings

You should now be able to make and receive calls, you can dial *90 to perform an echo test which will allow you to test the quality of your service.

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