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How to create an email account

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To create a new email account under your domain please follow the steps below:
  1. First login to the web hosting – see How to Login to Web Hosting Portal
  2. From the Hosting Features make sure E-Mail is expanded
  3. Click Mailboxes
  4. On the form enter the following details:
    1.  Email Address – Enter the first part of the email, e.g. if you wanted a new email of John@domain.com.au enter john
    2. Password – Enter a new Password or use the Generate button to create one
    3. Confirm Password – If entering your own password enter the password again to confirm
    4. Disk space Quota – leave as unlimited unless you want to restrict a email account to only allowed to have a certain amount of storage
    5. Send Copy to – Enter another email address if you would like to duplicate emails sent to this account to another address, in most cases leave it blank
  5. Click Add to create the account