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Inside the reporting section you will often see a column called HANGUP_CAUSE, the table below explains in detail what the causes mean.

UNALLOCATED_NUMBER Error incurred when the destination number does not exist; examples are the extension the call is attempting to be connected to does not exist/the number dialled is invalid.
NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION Error only incurred for an external call where the number dialled is invalid and therefore a pathway cannot be routed. 
CHANNEL_UNACCEPTABLE Error incurred when two parties cannot communicate; in most cases this is due to a codec mismatch between the two parties.
NORMAL_CLEARING Indicates a successful call with no issues.
USER_BUSY The number dialled or extension the call is attempting to connect to is busy.
NO_USER_RESPONSE Error incurred when the server cannot communicate with the user; one example scenario is the user registration has been lost and thus the call cannot be connected.
NO_ANSWER The destination point did not answer the call.
CALL_REJECTED The destination point rejected the call.
REDIRECTION_TO_NEW_DESTINATION The call was diverted to another destination point.
DESTINATION_OUT_OF_ORDER The call cannot be answered due to a problem with the external destination point not functioning correctly. 
INVALID_NUMBER_FORMAT The number sent was invalid; a common cause is the number being dialled lacks the appropriate area code.
NETWORK_OUT_OF_ORDER There is a network level issue with the call placed.
SWITCH_CONGESTION Error indicates the switching equipment routing the call is experiencing a period of high traffic.
OUTGOING_CALL_BARRED The extension making the call does not have appropriate toll access to complete the call.
INCOMPATIBLE_DESTINATION The call was unable to be connected to the other party; typically caused by incompatible codecs between the respective devices.
WRONG_CALL_STATE Error incurred when a call was placed whilst the device was not registered and thus cannot send out any registration information.
RECOVERY_ON_TIMER_EXPIRE Indicates that an error time-out procedure was initiated by the system. Is often associated with NAT problems.
ORIGINATOR_CANCEL The call was hung up prior to being answered.
LOSE_RACE When call routes are configured to ring multiple destinations, the destination/s that did not answer the call will see this message.
USER_NOT_REGISTERED The user extension was not registered at the time of the call.
PICKED_OFF The call was intercepted, typically by dialling **