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Create a Number Toggle

Create a Number Toggle

Number Toggles allow you to toggle external numbers between two dialplans, this is commonly used for a Night Switch or a temporary divert for meetings.  Currently, Number Toggles are only supported on Yealink Desktop Phones that are provisioned via our auto-provisioning service.

  • The first step is to create the number toggle, to do this manage your PBX service via
  • Select Numbers
  • Click Number Toggles
  • Click Add
  • Enter a Group Name e.g. After Hours
  • Select the Numbers the Toggle should be linked to
  • Toggle 1 – Set this to be the primary dialplan
  • Toggle 2 – Set this to be the secondary dialplan
  • Click Save

Link the Number Toggle to an Extension

  • To link the Toggle to a phone, click Devices
  • Edit the device you wish to link the toggle to
  • Click Line Keys
  • Select the Type to be Number Toggle
  • Enter a key identifier in the Label box e.g. After Hours
  • Under Value select the Number Toggle
  • Click Save
  • Reboot the device to get the new settings

Once rebooted you should see a new key as per the label you created above.  If you push that it will toggle between Toggle 1 and Toggle 2.

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