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Integrate Call Reports via Tableau

Integrate Call Reports via Tableau

We have support for integrating data from our call reports directly into Tableau using the Web Data Connector functionality built-in to Tableau Desktop.

1. Generate an API Key

Log into your account via and browse to the Service you wish to generate the API Key for.

Select Integrations on the left-hand menu, and click “Setup” under “API” and follow the prompts to generate an API Key.

2. Configure Tableau Desktop to use the appropriate report.

Open Tableau, and when prompted to connect to a server, find and select the “Web Data Connector” option.

In the window that appears, paste your Call Report Link that you can also find in the Integrations page under “Tableau”

For this example, we will use for generating a Missed Calls Report.

Press ENTER to load the Report Generation Page.

Input the API key that was given to you in the prior step, select an applicable Time Period for the Report and choose your timezone.

Then click the Green button to continue.

You should then be presented with a screen similar to the below.

Click the “Automatically Update” button to automatically load the data from the report you just generated.

You can now leverage the Call Report Data in your Tableau Workflow.

Any issues, please contact us.

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