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Siemens Gigaset

Siemens Gigaset

If you have a Siemens Gigaset phone, then follow these instructions to configure your phone manually.

Before you start, you will need to register your handset(s) to your base station.  Siemens have an online guide on how to do this, please visit this page to register your handset to the extension – Gigaset Registration


Browse to administration panel

Once your Siemens device is connected to your network browse to Gigaset and you will see a screen similar to the one below, after 5 seconds you will be transferred to the login screen. If not you must click the link provided.



Now enter your system PIN in the box provided. The default is 0000.

If your pin is 0000 you will see a security notice click OK. It is recommended you set this to something other than 0000. Please consult the Siemens manual for your device on how to do this.



  1. Now click the  Settings link
  2. Next click the  Telephony link
  3. On the telephony page Edit the entry for Provider 1

Provider Settings

On the provider settings page click the button marked “Show Advanced Settings†and complete the following fields.

Connection Name or NumberEnter either your providers name
Authentication Name:This should be the user_id or extension number as per your account notification.
Authentication password:The password for this account
Username:This should be the user_id or extension number as per your account notification.
Display Name:This is an identifier that will be displayed when you call from this phone e.g. Extension 1000
Domain:Set this to the SIP domain for the service.
Proxy server address:Set this to the SIP domain for the service.
Registrar Server:Set this to the SIP domain for the service.
Registration refresh time:Set this to 180

Now click Set to save. The following is an example of what the provider settings should look like:



From the menu on the left select Audio and set the codec preference for the service you just added as G729, G711 a law, G711 u law and make sure Enable Annex B for codec G729 is set to No. Once completed press Set.


Number Assignment

From the menu on the left select Number Assignment and make sure the following are set for each handset also known as INT.

If you have a PSTN line connected you should set “Automatic Fallback to Fixed Line:” to Yes



Dialing Plans

If you have connected your device to a PSTN line as well then you should set your dialplan to route 000 calls via the fixed line. To do this select Dialing Plans from the menu. Complete the following:

  • Phone Number – 000 and select Fixed Line from the drop down.

Once completed push Set to save. This is an example on how to route 000 calls via your fixed line.


Transferring Calls

To perform an attended transfer to another VoIP extension use the following instructions:

  • Whilst in a call push the  options key and select  External Call from the menu.
  • Next enter the phone number or extension you wish to transfer the call to followed by send.
  • Once the other party has answered the call you can push the  R key to transfer the call.

Please note that if you are transferring to another handset registered the same base station you will have to perform an internal transfer instead. You can usually do this by pressing the INT key, dialling the internal number of the person you wish to transfer the call to and pressing OK. Once the other party answers, press the end call key to transfer the call.

Register Handset to Base

If you need to register a new handset to a base station it is best to follow the documentation on the Siemens Gigaset web page.  You can find information on how to configure the handset here – Gigaset Base Registration