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Cisco – Upgrading SPA 5xx Series Phones

Cisco – Upgrading SPA 5xx Series Phones

Follow this guide if you have a Cisco SPA 5xx series phone and need to upgrade the firmware. It is only recommended to upgrade the firmware if you are having problems.

To complete this you will need to have access to a PC running Microsoft Windows.

  1. Download the required firmware for your phones model from –
  2. Extract all files from the downloaded ZIP file
  3. Run the spa50x-30x-VERSION.exe file for example for 7.5.5 it would be spa50x-30x-7-5-5.exe
  4. In the space provided enter the IP Address of your phone, if you do not know this you can find it by pushing the menu key and navigate to Network. Enter the value from Current IP and click OK.
  5. Next click Upgrade the start the upgrade. Whilst the upgrade is in progress do not turn your computer of phone off.
  6. Once completed the phone will reboot and should be now running the new firmware

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