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Configuring QoS on a Cisco SRP527W

Configuring QoS on a Cisco SRP527W

  • Browse to your routers IP address and login
  • Select Network Setup and QoS
  • Select QoS Bandwidth Control
  • Set status to: enabled
  • Upstream Bandwidth: You maximum upload speed (Visit to work out upload speed)
  • Click Submit
  • Select QoS Policy and click “Add Entry”
  • Set the following Values
  • Category: IP Address
  • Enter a Name: URLVoIP
  • Destination IP Address:
  • Destination Netmask:
  • LAN: All
  • Priority: High
  • Marking: Disabled
  • Click Submit to save the changes

Your settings should look like this:

Your QoS should now be applied and should notice an improvement with your call quality.

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