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Grandstream ATA 8XX – Voice Services

Grandstream ATA 8XX for Faxing

This guide will set up your Grandstream ATA for use with T.38, please note you will need to email our support team to have the inbound T.38 functionality enabled for inbound faxes to work.

To use this guide you will need to have either the SIP Trunk credentials or your Hosted PBX extension details for your Voice service.

  • Browse to the IP address of your ATA (if you do not know the address, from the connected phone device dial *** then enter 02 for it to be played to you)
  • Login to the interface when prompted, the default password is admin
  • Select Advanced Settings and set the following:
    • Dial Tone: f1=425@-11,f2=0@-11,c=0/0;
    • Ringback Tone: f1=440@-17,f2=480@-17,c=2000/4000;
    • Busy Tone: f1=425@-11,f2=0@-11,c=37/37;
    • Reorder Tone: f1=425@-11,f2=0@-11,c=37/37;
    • Confirmation Tone: f1=350@-11,f2=440@-11,c=100/100-100/100-100/100;
    • Call Waiting Tone: f1=440@-13,c=300/10000;
    • Prompt Tone: f1=350@-17,f2=440@-17,c=0/0;
  • Select FXS Port from the tab menu, if you have multiple ports you will see FXS Port 1, FXS Port 2 etc
  • On the FXS Port page complete the following:
    • Primary SIP Server: YOUR_SIP_DOMAIN
    • SIP User ID: YOUR_USER_ID (e.g. 1000)
    • Authenticate ID: YOUR_USER_ID (e.g. 1000)
    • Authenticate Password: YOUR_PASSWORD
    • Name: Trunk
    • SIP Reg – yes
    • Outgoing Call without Registration – no
    • Unregister on Reboot – yes
    • Register Expiration: 3
    • Enable SIP OPTIONS Keep Alive: Yes
    • Use Random SIP Port: Yes
    • Use Random RTP Port: Yes
    • Disable Call-Waiting: Yes
    • Disable Call-Waiting Caller ID: Yes
    • Disable Call-Waiting Tone: Yes
    • Use First Matching Vocoder in 200OK SDP: Yes
    • Preferred Vocoder (in listed order):
      • choice 1: G729
      • choice 2: PCMA
      • choice 3: PCMU
      • choice 4: PCMA
      • choice 5: PCMA
      • choice 6: PCMA
      • choice 7: PCMA
    • iLBC Frame Size: 20ms
    • VAD: No
    • Symmetric RTP: No
    • Fax Mode: T.38
    • Re-INVITE After Fax Tone Detected: Enabled
    • Jitter Buffer Type: Adaptive
    • jitter Buffer Length: Medium
    • SLIC Setting: AUSTRALIA
    • Gain:
      • TX 0dB
      • RX -6dB
    • Disable Line Echo Canceller (LEC): No
    • Disable Network Echo Suppressor: No

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