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Frontier Huawei HG8546M – Connecting the cables

Frontier Huawei HG8546M - Connecting the cables

This article will show you how to connect the cables to the Huawei HG8546M.

Sockets on the device
Rear of Huawei HG8546M
  • On/Off button – Turns the HG8546M on/off.
  • Power – Used to power the device.
  • USB – Used to connect USB devices. 
  • TEL – Used to connect to a telephone line.
  • LAN1-4 – 4x LAN ports, used to connect to your local devices.
Connecting the cables
  • Connect ethernet cable from the port labelled LAN1 to the active port on your internet device.
  • Connect local devices to any of the remaining LAN ports.
  • Connect the power pack to the socket labelled POWER.

Logging in to the Web-based Configuration Utility

Locate the default management IP address on the nameplate of the HG8546M.

  • Open a web browser on your computer and enter the default management IP address (eg: in the address box, and then press Enter.
  • Enter the management IP address in the address bar of your web browser and press Enter.  

The login window is displayed. 


In the login window, 

  • Enter the user name and password (see the device nameplate for the default user name and password)
  • Click Login. 

After the password is authenticated, the Web configuration window is displayed. 

Checking the Status Lights
Status Lights on the Huawei HG8546M
Indicator Status Description
Power Steady Green The HG8546M has power.
Off The HG8546M is powered off.
PON / LOS See following table.
LAN1-4 Steady on The Ethernet connection is in the normal state.
Blinking Data is being transmitted on the Ethernet port.
Off Ethernet is not connected.
TEL1-2 Steady on The HG8546M is registered with the softswitch but no service flows are being transmitted.
Blinking Service flows are being transmitted.
Off The HG8546M is not powered on or has failed to register with the softswitch.
USB Steady on The USB port is connected and is working in host mode, but no data is being transmitted.
Blinking Data is being transmitted on the USB port.
Off The HG8546M is not powered on or the USB port is not connected..
WLAN Steady on The WLAN function is enabled.
Blinking Data is being transmitted on the WLAN port.
Off The WLAN function is disabled.
WPS Steady on The WPS function is enabled.
Blinking A WiFi device is accessing the system.
Off The WPS function is disabled.
CATV Steady on The CATV function is enabled and CATV signals are being received.
Off The CATV function is disabled or CATV signals are not being received.
PON Status LOS Status Description
Off Off The HG8546M is prohibited by the upper-layer device, contact the service provider for assistance.
Blinks twice per second Off The HG8546M is attempting to setup a connection with its upper0layer device.
Steady on Off A connection is setup between the HG8546M and its upper-layer device.
Off Blinks once very 2 secs The HG8546M is not connected to optical fibre or does not receive optical signals.
Blinks twice per second Blinks twice per second The HG8546M is a rogue terminal. Contact the service provider for help.
Blinks once every 2 secs Blinks once every 2 secs The HG8546M has a hardware fault.

Resetting to Factory Default Settings

To restore the HG8546M to default settings, press and hold the Reset button for >10 secs.


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