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Troubleshooting nbn Enterprise Ethernet

Please follow the following troubleshooting steps if you are experiencing issues with your nbn Enterprise Ethernet service.

Check the Lights on the B-NTD

SAS-K ETR Interfaces front view elements explained

  1. USB, System and Power LEDs
  2. Flash Drive Socket
  3. Power Supply Status
  4. 10/1000 SFP Ports
  5. 10/100/1000BASE-T Fixed Copper RJ45 Ports
  6. Console Port

Standard Unit Power Status LED

The power entry module (PEM) is functioning normally

The system is performing internal power checks; this process may take up to 10 seconds.
If this condition persists for longer than 15 seconds, this indicates that the 12Vdc input power may be outside of the normal operating range or that the system has detected an internal power failure.

The power entry module (PEM) has failed or is not connected.

ETR Unit Power Input Status LED


12Vdc power is present on the power entry module (PEM) 1 connection.

Power entry module (PEM) 1 has failed or is not connected.


12Vdc power is present on the power entry module (PEM) 2 connection.

Power entry module (PEM) 2 has failed or is not connected.

System LED

Green (blinking)
The system is in boot phase.

The system has completed boot phase and is running normally.

The system is in an alarm state.

Flash Drive LED

Either one of the ports has a valid flash drive and it is functioning normally.

The flash drive connected to one or both flash drive slots has been removed or has failed.

No flash drive was connected when the system was powered on or the flash drive contains an invalid boot time image.

100/1000 SFP and 10/100/1000BASE-T Copper Port LED

The port has a valid link.

Green (blinking)
There is activity on the port.

The link is down.

Perform basic troubleshooting steps

Verify CPE modem configuration

The Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) modem should have its configuration verified (including firmware version, authentication settings, VLAG tagging, DSCP or p-bit marking by traffic type etc.1) and be proven at an alternative location or a different CPE modem tested. It is recommended that a registered CPE modem be used for full assurance support from nbn.

Check B-NTD Optical Connectivity

Check the optical cable is firmly plugged into the SFP Module in port 1 and that 

Confirm Another Ethernet Cable Has Been Tried

Confirm Local Connectivity

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