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NBN HFC Boot Loop Issue

HFC - NBNco Arris CM8200 - Boot Loop

If you have a HFC connection you will have an Arris CM8200 NBNco supplied device that looks like this:

You may encounter a boot loop, this is due to a remote software update (Firmware) that NBNco pushes down to the device and can get stuck in a boot loop.

What does the Boot Loop issue look like?

Power light: Solid Green about 30 secs or so and then Off

Upstream light: at 13secs, Flashing Green for 17 times, Blue Flash then Off 

Downstream light: at 13secs, Flashing Green for 17 times, Blue Flash then Off 

Online light: at 13secs, Flashing Green for 17 times then Solid Green then Off 

Then it repeats its self.

How to resolve the Boot Loop issue

Reset the NBNco Arris CM8200 box:

You will need a paperclip or similar size rigid item to insert into the reset pinhole for a full 60 secs (make sure it is timed out).

If not done for full 60 secs you will most likely return to the previous state (boot loop)

If the issue is still happening you can contact support for any assistance we can provide.

However, this may result in a fault to replace the CM8200 which can take considerably longer than the reset.


If you find yourself resetting regularly and you can restore the service.

Ask us about options where we might be able to swap out the CM8200 via our fault process.

(Note: Not all HFCs can be swapped and conditions may be subject to change)

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