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Configure the TP-Link VG5612 in PPPoE Mode for NBN

Configure the TP-Link VG5612 in PPPoE Mode for NBN

Internet Settings

  • Connect to LAN 1
  • Browse to
  • Enter admin for the username and password
  • Click the Quick Setup link
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  •  Select No. I want to configure The Internet Connection myself. Then click Next
  • Set ISP to Other
  • L2 Interface Type to VDSL
  • Enable VLAN ID – unchecked
  • Connection Type to PPPoE
  • Click Next
  • Set the username to be your broadband username, normally it is
  • Set the password to be your broadband password
  • Click Next
  • Click Next leaving Enable 3G/4G unchecked
  • Set Wireless – Enabled
  • Wireless network name – Leave default or change to your own name
  • Channel – Auto
  • Mode – 11bgn mixed
  • Securty WPA/WPA2
  • Password – Your Wireless password, it is recommended you make it random don’t use Password or 12345678
  • Click Next

Additional Voice Settings

Configure Voice, if you do not have a voice service click next

  • Locale Selection – Australia
  • Phone Number/User ID – enter the user name provided, normally 1001
  • Registrar Address – Your SIP Domain
  • Authentication ID – enter the user name provided, normally 1001
  • Password – enter your phone password
  • Click Save to apply the changes
  • If successful you should see success, click Finish.  
  • You should now connect your PPPoE router to Lan 1, Lan 2 or Lan 3

If you configured voice settings in step 12, please make sure you also complete the following.

  • Click Voice from the menu
  • Click SIP Account from the Menu
  • Click Edit
  • Click Advanced
  • Set Preferred Codec 1 to be G729
  • Set Preferred Codec 2 to be G.711ALaw
  • Set Preferred Codec 3 to be G.711ULaw
  • Click Save
  • Click Advanced Setup
  • Change Registration Expired Timeout(s) to 300
  • Change No answer time to 60
  • Click Save

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