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Yealink T54W – Connecting the cables

Yealink T54W - Connecting the cables

This article will show you how to connect the cables to a Yealink T54W phone.

Sockets on the device

The rear of the Yealink T54W contains the following sockets:

Rear of Yealink T54W
  1. PC – Used to daisy-chain a PC off the phone.
  2. Internet – Used to connect the phone to the internet via cable.
  3. DC5V – Used for the Power Pack cable.
  4. Headset – Used to connect a wired headset.
  5. Handset – Used to connect the curly cable to the handset.

Powering the device

The Yealink T54W can be powered by a Power Pack or by Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE).

Yealink Power Pack
  • If using a Power Pack, connect this to socket #3 marked DC5V
  • If using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) skip this step.

Connecting the device to the network

  • Connect the network cable to socket #2 marked “Internet”.  If the network is also supplying Power-over-Ethernet, then this cable will provide both internet and power.
  • If you want to daisy-chain a PC off the phone, connect a network cable from the PC to socket #1 marked PC. 

Connecting the handset to the device

  • Connect the curly cable to socket #5 marked with a telephone handset.  

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