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Configure the TP-Link VG5612 in PPPoE Mode for NBN

You are here: Help Routers Configure the TP-Link VG5612 in PPPoE Mode for NBN

If using a PPPoE router such as a Mikrotik you will need to put the TP-Link VG5612 in Bridge Mode.  To do this please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to LAN 1
  2. Browse to
  3. Enter admin for the username and password
  4. Click the Quick Setup link
  5. Click Next
  6. Click Next
  7. Select No. I want to configure The Internet Connection myself. Then click Next
  8. Set the following
    1. Set ISP to Other
    2. L2 Interface Type to VDSL
    3. Enable VLAN ID – unchecked
    4. Connection Type to PPPoE
    5. Click Next
  9. Enter PPP Details
    1. Set the username to be your broadband username, normally it is username@internet.url.net.au
    2. Set the password to be your broadband password
    3. Click Next
  10. Click Next leaving Enable 3G/4G unchecked
  11. Configure Wireless network
    1. Set Wireless – Enabled
    2. Wireless network name – Leave default or change to your own name
    3. Channel – Auto
    4. Mode – 11bgn mixed
    5. Securty WPA/WPA2
    6. Password – Your Wireless password, it is recommended you make it random don’t use Password or 12345678
    7. Click Next
  12. Configure Voice, if you do not have a voice service click next
    1. Locale Selection – Australia
    2. Phone Number/User ID  enter the user name provided, normally 1001
    3. Registrar Address – Your SIP Domain
    4. Authentication ID – enter the user name provided, normally 1001
    5. Password – enter your phone password
  13. Click Next
  14. Click Save to apply the changes
  15. If successful you should see success, click Finish.  You should now connect your PPPoE router to Lan 1, Lan 2 or Lan 3

If you configured voice settings in step 12, please make sure you also complete the following.

  1. Click Voice from the menu
  2. Click SIP Account from the Menu
    1. Click Edit
    2. Click Advanced
    3. Set Preferred Codec 1 to be G729
    4. Set Preferred Codec 2 to be G.711ALaw
    5. Set Preferred Codec 3 to be G.711ULaw
    6. Click Save
  3. Click Advanced Setup
    1. Change Registration Expired Timeout(s) to 300
    2. Change “No answer” time to 60
    3. Click Save