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URL NetPhone for Windows – Sound settings

URL NetPhone for Windows - Sound settings

To troubleshoot sound issues, please check the following items first:

  • Hardware – Check cables
  • Bluetooth – Reconnect Device
  • Operating System – Check system sound settings
  • Application – URL Net Phone Settings.

Tip:  More times often than not, It’s the reconnecting of Bluetooth devices (automatically) is when devices fail to establish a connection properly that seems to be the most common issue for people.

Sound and Microphone Software Settings

  • Right-click the Windows Start button and select Settings.
  •  Select Sound.
  • If your device is already paired, select the device using the radio button, and adjust volume if needed.
  • Skip down this guide to the next section “Setting the default device to use with URL Netphone”
  • If your device was not already listed, click the Add Device button.
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Select your headset from the list.  


Windows will now confirm the device is connected.

  • Click Done to finish

Setting the default device to use with URL Netphone

  • Click the Help menu, then Troubleshooting
  • Select your preferred microphone and speakers from the list.
  • Talk into your microphone and URL Netphone should confirm it works.
  • Click the Play button to hear a test tune, played through the selected device.


URL Netphone should confirm the speakers work.


  • Click Done to finish and close the troubleshooting window.


You have successfully connected your Bluetooth device and set URL Netphone to use it.

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