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URL NetPhone – Forbidden Calls

URL NetPhone - Forbidden Calls

If you are getting a Forbidden Call error on all outbound calls from your URL NetPhone, please take these steps to resolve it.

Disable 'Hide My Number'

  • On your URL Net Phone Application
  • You will see an Icon looks like this, which denotes the ‘Hide My Number’ feature is active.
  • To turn it off go to this section by using the drop down arrow (which has been highlighted with a blue box below)
  • Click on the “Hide my Number” to unselect it, so it should look like this:
  • You will notice the icon no longer appears and you will be able to dial out again.


  • If you are looking to dial out and not have your outbound number show please use the following:
Feature CodeNameDescription
Caller ID Disable
Disabled the caller id on the current call.
  • If you wanted to dial 0411 222 333 with no Caller ID showing, dial *18310411222333 then wait or press the phone button.
  • Having followed these steps, you should be able to hide your number on outgoing calls.

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